Anthony - Bass Guitar

For Anthony, it's always been “all about the bass.”

Anthony - Bass GuitarAlso an accomplished drummer and guitar player, it is the bass guitar that Anthony completely identifies with and has a true passion to play.  “The anchor and the engine” he'll say, referring to his simultaneously holding down the groove and driving the Band's energy.  The bass has been the most exciting element in music for him since the very beginning.

As a twelve-year old boy, Anthony pulled Kiss: Alive II out of a Sam Goody record bin and immediately fell in love with Kiss and Gene Simmons.  Dragging his mother to Bath Music in Brooklyn, NY, Anthony got his first bass guitar and learned every song on that record.  He couldn't wait to get on stage and although not really ready to play publicly, he arranged to perform a lip-sync Kiss concert with a few other wannabe musician friends for his Junior High School assembly.  This was way before Milli Vanilli was a household name and the beginning of a fascination with music and the bass guitar in particular.

Anthony - Bass GuitarThose early years provided exposure to the bass players that would come to shape his style; Gene Simmons (Kiss), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Paul McCartney (The Beatles), Geddy Lee (Rush), and Graham Maby (Joe Jackson) to name a few.  Not necessarily virtuoso / soloist types, but extremely talented bass guitarists with a strong melody and a dominant presence in their respective musical genres.  Sharp, articulate and distinct bass playing that carried the core of the song — bass playing with attitude.  There was no burying the bass in the mix for Anthony's liking.

Over the past 25+ years Anthony honed his style with a wide variety of musical opportunities. There was the Kiss-a-mania band, way before Tribute Bands were in vogue.  There were the all original punk-rock bands in and around NYC in the late 80's.  There were a variety of cover bands, multiple sit-ins and finally a handful of worship bands in and around his hometown of Hardyston, NJ, prior to his founding Phil 'n the Void.

And it is with Phil 'n the Void that Anthony has found a bit of musical heaven, showcasing a catalog of tunes that depend upon some of the strongest bass guitar melodies in pop-rock.  Anthony is absolutely sure there is no coincidence that these just happen to be some of the most popular and well-loved pop-rock tunes as well.  It's all about the bass!

In pursuing his craft, Anthony enjoys the complete love and support of his wife Angela, and their two sons who are also aspiring musicians.  Anthony absolutely swears by Ernie Ball / Music Man bass guitars, most notably the Bongo bass guitar, and would be more than happy to spend endless hours explaining why.  Feel free to ask him, but be prepared to be converted if you do.

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