Mike - Lead Vocal & Rhythm Guitar

Mike - Lead Vocals & GuitarMike is the heart and soul of Phil 'n the Void. For him, it's always been “all about the music.”

Mike got started by learning to play guitar at age 12 from a friend who was taking lessons at the time.  His very first band's biggest gig was for his cousin's 11th birthday in his Aunt's basement.  As they say, from humble beginnings comes greatness and Mike is no exception.

Soon after, his cousin Anthony needed a Paul Stanley for his Kiss tribute band and Mike was hooked.  Their first gig, way back in May of 1979, was for Public School 97 in Brooklyn, NY, in full make-up and costume.  He got to smash his Sekova hollow-body on stage and the student body thought they were seeing the real thing — what could be better than that?

Mike - Lead Vocals & GuitarA few years after high school Mike hung up his guitar and began what turned out to be a successful DJ entertainment company focusing on musical entertainment for private affairs.  Sticking with the music, he learned the power of adding the perfect musical element to any event.  In 1987, he also began to work for a larger entertainment company, Touch of Blast, in Staten Island, NY.

His first “real” band experience was in the 90's with a few friends from the DJ business. They certainly did okay and played a few great gigs to some pretty high acclaim. They were all “30 Something” and so the band was named.  These days, Mike has reunited with cousin Anthony.  Working in corporate America by day,  Mike is always ready to pick-up the guitar and grab hold of the microphone and lend his musical support as the front man for Phil 'n the Void.

Mike met his wife, Nina, while working in a Piscataway, NJ, nightclub.  She fell for him one night while he was on stage singing with a party band.  The song was Call Me Al by Paul Simon (not exactly a romantic classic).  They dated for a while and finally married in 1999.  They had two kids in their first three years, and currently call Hillsborough, NJ, their home.  Both kids started piano lessons early and are now taking guitar lessons as well. They are both very much into music just like dad!

Mike's guitar of choice these days is a Music Man JP, although the Fender Nasville Power Telecaser still makes an appearance from time to time. After a few years playing a Parker Fly it was time for a change — wonder what will be NEXT?

Mike's favorite quote – “Love one woman, many guitars.”

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