Phil - Percussion (Retired)

One of the original, founding members of the group, now retired.

Way back in the beginning, before there was Phil 'n the Void, there were just three guys who occasionally jammed together and they relied on an Alesis SR-16 electronic drum machine for percussion.  Over time the guys began referring to the SR-16 as “Phil” — seeing as how drummers play beats and fills, the name made perfect sense to them.

Before long their jam sessions regularly included reference to their forth member of the group — Phil.  “Does Phil know this song?”  “Phil needs to play faster!”  “Phil is too loud!”  They all spoke of Phil as a real, live body and a member of the group.  When it came time for a name for the group they decided to give Phil top billing — Phil 'n the Void was their unanimous choice.

Phil LiveIn the early gigging days, Phil was the bomb.  Reliable, rock-solid, and supremely dependable.  Phil kept the beat true and his timing was impeccable.  If there was any member in the Band that could be counted on for a solid performance every time out it was Phil.  And as if that wasn't enough, Phil was the easiest member of the Band to get along with.  Phil never complained, never put down anyone's song choices and was always available for every rehearsal and every gig.

Unfortunately, as the catalog of songs grew the guys found that Phil was the weakest link in the chain.  Phil, as it turned out, was quite limited in his repertoire and often played many songs the same way with the same beats.  This tended to give the group a very monotonous feel.  Worse yet, there were tunes that Phil just out-right refused to play, especially anything that required dynamic changes in tempo or articulation.  As tough as it was to see a founding member leave the group, it was decided — Phil had to go.

In the end they parted as friends.  The Band completely recognizes the support Phil provided in their early years and will forever be grateful for his contributions.

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